Cryptex USB Flash Drive Price: $45.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:51 PST- Details)

SECURE CODE: The Cryptex USB Flash Drive has a 5-digit mechanical combination lock to secure and protect your flash drive from unauthorized access to your digital information. Only those with the password can access your flash drive
BEHIND THE DESIGN: Did Leonardo Da Vinci invent the original cryptex? Though it’s never been proven, our Cryptex, designed by Russian Designer Stanislav Tatarinov, was inspired by Leonardos amazing sketches


Cryptex is a special container using a mechanical combination lock (rotating rings with digits or letters ), which individuals used hundreds of years ago to maintain secrets. Within the cylinder there was a room where you could maintain a piece of paper with secret information.

Today it is better to use a USB flash drive for data storage. Cryptex USB flash drive was engineered in view of original sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci.

A mechanical combination lock protects your electronic data. You need to be aware of the 5-digit code to obtain access to the USB flash drive hidden inside. Only those who know the password may use it. A fantastic way not only to defend the information, but also to bring an element of a game into everyday life.

UNIQUE DETAILS: Our Cryptex seems steampunk, victorian and industrial, and helps prevent data theft, and adds an element of a game and fun into everyday life!
Both stylish and helpful, it artfully combines history with modernity and can be offered to your clients, colleagues and business partners on a wide number of occasions