Bubble Cat Backpack Carrier

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Clear Window Design: Cats Love to Keep a Close Watch on Their Surroundings. Clear window makes it appear true that cats are able to see everything in cat backpack.
Be Close to You: You can take the backpack in the front of your body. The tiny opening on one side is nice to reach in and pet her if she is nervous.
Functional and Cool: This pet carrier is super functional and cool also well made. Produced with High-Quality Pet Safe Materials, Waterproof, Easy Clean, and Lightweight.The pocket on the other side is nice to fill in pet snacks.


Did you know cats like to tag along with their owners for an experience? Sadly, many cat owners don’t realize this truth. True, cats appear to be perfectly content with spending most of their time lounging to a carton box or surveying their self-claimed kingdom. However, if given the chance, our feline companions would also love to promenade in the playground!

Taking your small Tomcat out for a stroll has its benefits, too. Cats are curious and ready for adventure! Strolling your kitty also keeps him from becoming bored so he won’t scrape your sofa or duel your puppy.

But, cats are too proud to be fettered and consequently, a leash is frequently impractical. Consider your cat as a mini-modern day sabre-toothed tiger. Luckily, there’s an innovative means to attract your cat with you. Introducing, the cat bubble backpack.

The backpack gives your cat a 180-degree view, so he can bask under the hot sunshine and spectate. The back shell is made out of polycarbonate and hence, it gives an impressive impact and scratch resistance. Additionally, it prevents overheating.

The Lollimeow Candy Cat Backpack measures 11.42″ x10.63″ x16.14″ and weighs 2.7 pounds. The backpack is full with chest and waist straps to add stability and also to help reduce the pressure applied in your shoulders. Additionally, it has nine ventilation holes and 2 mesh pockets to ensure airflow is at a maximum. Moreover, it sports an integrated locking mechanism to prevent your little Houdini from escaping.