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Slingshot bikini swimsuit worn by Borat Sagdiyev!


Most of us have been drooling over a mankini at some point in our lives. In fact, men have worn it as far back as the Roman period, which is estimated to be over 2020 years ago. It has evolved from a simple wrap or towel to a fashion statement which can be sported by a fashion-conscious man, and boy do they ever come up with something new and interesting!

If you are thinking about wearing a mankini, you will definitely want to wear it while enjoying the benefits of a suntan lotion and the comfort that come along with it. But you can also bring the two together and combine the two into a stunning Mankini, which can be worn casually or a bit more formally.

The sling bikini is a favorite of those who want to mix things up a bit. Its flowing fabric covers most of the body, and yet at the same time, there is not so much that would be blocking the view of one’s bare legs or the sexy curves of the woman’s behind. That being said, most people enjoy wearing this bikinis on the beach while relaxing and taking in the sun.

For those of you who are a bit on the heavier side, a mankini style swimsuit is just right for you. These slings can be worn when going on vacation to a tropical area, or on your beach day at the pool.

A mankini is just like a sling bikini except the fabric is wider and tighter. It covers the front part of the shoulders, and it looks like a bikinis bottom that has been tied in place with a stylish bandana. The one thing that sets these apart from other swimsuits is the design of the straps which creates a design which can look a bit funny at first glance, but is actually quite elegant.

Though it was named after the Bollywood movie “Borat” and lampooned in a comedy sketch on “Saturday Night Live”, this swimsuit does have a place in the fashion world as well. We all know that the phrase “looks like a duck” is the best way to describe a mankini. So why not incorporate the word “mankini” into your wardrobe to fit in?

There are many forms of the mankini, from the slightly thinner and less revealing sling bikini to the mankini which is a bit more over-the-top and formal. While a mankini may not be a type of swimsuit that is commonly seen in the summer months, they are perfectly suited for cooler months, or for the person who prefers a casual look.

Mankini make a great addition to any wardrobe. Since they are so common, they are easy to find online, especially online catalogs, though you might want to get a copy of your local department store’s ad to ensure that they carry the style of slings which you are interested in. A mankini swimsuit is an appropriate purchase for a lady who loves to throw her hair in a bun.

Mankini make a fashionable and very attractive addition to any wardrobe. With the latest designs available, you can choose between other colors and fabrics. If you don’t want a color that matches your skin tone, then pick a color that is neutral to the skin color.

There are many different styles and colors of these swimsuits, such as the loose bib, the sling bikini, the jean top, and the regular bikinis. If you are planning to use your mankini while going to the beach, you may want to consider a dressier look.

The sling bikini or borat swimsuit, by definition, is a swimming suit which has one or more sets of straps attached to the bottom of the swimsuit. It is usually made of either spandex or nylon, but it is possible to buy a mankini with cotton. Since this is a swimsuit for the beach, you may want to consider adding a sun screen or tarp to it to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

So if you want to add a little flare to your bathing suits, make sure you add this beautiful fabric to your wardrobe. Mankini are not only for beach vacations, because they are also good for a winter trip to the spa or just a casual day at the pool. For a man who appreciate style, and elegance, the outdoors, this is an excellent choice.