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The banana hammock, as its name suggests, is a hammock that can be used to hang bananas,  and other fruits and vegetables. It is actually the most popular type of “hammock” to be used in your kitchen decor.




How to Make a Banana Hammock at Home

A banana hammock is a modern portable hammock that is relatively simple to make. Even if you have never made a hammock before, you can easily follow this article, and in the end, you will be able to make your own banana hammock.

In the beginning, you will need a table, a lot of flat, smooth, and flat material, and a place to lay out the materials. The height of the table is important. Make sure that it is taller than the ceiling and that the table’s legs are at least ten inches above the ground.

Visit a home store and check out what material you have on hand. You will need six feet of 1-inch pipe, two rolls of 1 inch duct tape, two pieces of wood, and four pieces of ¾ inch aluminum flashing.

To start the project, you will need to cut the ground sheet of the table to fit the length of the pipe. Drill a hole in the center of the table. Cut a piece of the metal flashing to fit the inside of the pipe. Put the table in place on the ground.

Place the flooring material on top of the table, starting from the side with the table legs. When you have finished on one side, proceed to the other side. For each of the four sides, you will need a single roll of aluminum flashing, one piece of wood, and four feet of 1-inch pipe.

Place one edge of the table onto the aluminum flashing. This should go under the pipe and be the horizontal edge of the banana hammock. Secure the other end of the table, in the same fashion, using the duct tape.

After this is done, move to the next step. Lay out the piece of the wood, facing the pipe. Cut the tape to size, with the duct tape, and use the tape to secure the material on the edges.

After cutting the tape to size, place the other piece of the wood over the tape and secure the second piece to the first. To finish, use the remaining piece of the tape to secure the top. Place the bottom piece of the sheet over the two pieces and secure them with the duct tape.

To hang the hammock, attach the middle piece of the pipe onto the second piece of the table. Apply the nut onto the tape.

Press the nut against the tape, and in this way, you will be able to secure the hammock onto the table. Close the two ends of the duct tape, and use them to strap the middle piece of the pipe to the bottom piece of the table.

Secure the tape and nuts in place, and use the wall anchor to hang the hammock from the bottom part of the table. Use a nail or screwdriver to secure the two pieces of duct tape on the lower part of the tree.

With the material list, you can easily construct a simple hammock for your family at home. Or, you may prefer to create one for your traveling needs. Either way, you will have the tools necessary to make a banana hammock, without the need for sewing or sawing.