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FUN WALL PLATES FOR ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE – These timeless arcade button wall plates may be used to pay any rocker-style lighting switches in the house. Add fun into the kids’ room, a game room, or even a bathroom. These push-button light switches will be loved by any fan of video games or antique arcade games. The buttons give you a nostalgic feeling every time you turn on or off the lights.
NO ELECTRIC WIRING NECESSARY – These light switch covers are easy to install, and there’s no need to touch any electrical wires. All you have to install these wall plates is a standard flathead screwdriver. Simply remove the existing faceplate from any rocker-style light button and replace it with the arcade button faceplate with all the included screws. Directions are included with each purchase.


These Arcade Button Light Switch Covers by LightCore possess a classic arcade game aesthetic that provides you with a satisfying sense of nostalgia every time you turn on or off the lights. These push-button wall plates have been adored by fans of video games and antique arcade games. The arcade-button wall plates are simple to install wherever there’s a rocker-style light switch in place. Just remove the existing faceplate and replace it with an arcade-button faceplate with all the included screws. The screws match the color of the faceplate. Setup instructions are included with every purchase. The arcade-button wall plates are made to cover horizontal rocker-style light switches (also referred to as paddle-style light switches). Watch the reference photo above if you’re not sure what type of lighting switch this is. If you have another sort of light switch, you’ll first have to put in a rocker-style change in its location. These light switches are cheap at hardware stores and are simple to install. Once the arcade button cover is set up, the two buttons make contact with the upper and lower portions of the rocker button so that one button turns on the lights, and another button turns off the lights. The faceplates are available in either black or white. The buttons and button rings can be found in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, blue green, blue, red, purple, pink, black, and white. This permits you to choose a color scheme that accents your room. Pick among the color combinations shown in the product options above or select custom to select your own colors. These interesting light switch covers are designed for single (1 gang) rocker-style light switches, but we also make double (2 gang) swap plates.

They aren’t compatible with toggle-style light switches. If you do not now have rocker-style switches, they’re inexpensive at any hardware store and can be easily installed.

MANY COLORS AVAILABLE – The wall socket covers are available in either white or black. The buttons and button rings are available in a wide variety of colors, such as yellow, neon green, blue, red, purple, pink, black, and white. Pick one of the color combinations from the product options above, or pick the custom option and pick your own colors. All pieces are interchangeable.

EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN – Each wall plate has two buttons, and each button gets in in contact with the upper or lower section of the rocker switch under. Thus, one button can be used to flip the lights on, and another button turns the lights off. The wall plates and arcade-style buttons have a smooth, glossy finish that makes cleaning especially quick and easy.