A5 Leather Notebook – Travel Journal

Amazon.com Price: $29.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:56 PST- Details)

Perfect for Writing, Poets, Travelers, as a Diary – Blank Inserts – 22 x 15cm, 8.5×6″ (A5)


Travel Diary – A Leather Notebook With a Story

“Dear Diary, Where did you get your diary?” That’s how I read it when I bought my first A5 Leather Notebook. The first time I use it, I just use it as a writing diary with pens and paper, but as time passed by, I found out there’s more to do in it. Just like anything else, I found a use for it and kept on using it. Then I started to write notes, read books and magazines, make recordings, even some “travel” – which is a combination of such activities. I used it as an experienced tracker with various goals I wanted to reach. In time, I developed a personality or a persona for the book.

I became a traveler as if I had traveled to other places in the past – just to write some notes, keep some records of experiences – while writing it down in A5 notebook. This enabled me to remember my travel experiences even after the trip. After a few trips, I realized there’s more than one use for the notebook. For instance, I wrote down all my notes from my last trip. I later organized them and formed the topics of the stories I’ll tell in my upcoming story conferences in Europe. I was looking forward to this, and now I have written everything I need to share with you.

“Dear Diary, Where did you get your Diary?” It’s not just a question anymore. A notebook is an instrument to be used as a diary or as a travel journal. It’s a means to write down your experiences, information, and feelings so that you can find the link between different things. If you’ve been traveling a lot and you want to record every memory you have and everything you have done, then it’s time to buy your own A5 Leather Notebook.