24 Disposable Glow Stick Party Cups

Add some fun to any low light party or special event
Glows with vivid color for 6+ hours


You will receive 24 cups that are the perfect size for any trendy drinks. To utilize the cups that you just activate the glow rod and snap it in the position below the cup rim. This item represents a breakthrough in shine cup replacement as other choices are more expensive and frequently require batteries and particular care in the washing machine. Another important advantage to our disposable shine cups is they may be recycled when the glow rod is removed after use. The 9-ounce size is frequently used for desserts, cocktails, and drinks for kids while the 18-ounce size is very good for any full-sized drinks. We hope you like our shine cups!

Simply activate glow sticks and snap into place under cup rim
Patented USglow Laboratories product
The most cost-effective glowing cup available