100 Deadly Skills

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“Essential reading for aspiring warriors, as well asprofessionals. — H Keith Melton, writer of Ultimate Spy

Comprehensive and chock-full of dependable info. Here really is the book you want to browse the dangers of the modern world.”

“That is what men really want to know, but areafraid to ask out loud.”

About the Author

Clint Emerson is a recently retired Navy SEAL with twenty five years of service together with the Special Operations community. He also spent his military career serving under various Naval Special Warfare Commands as a Special Operator (SEAL). Emerson is the creator of Escape the Wolf, LLC, which focuses on emergency management for international businesses both small and big. He is the bestselling author of 100 Deadly Skills and 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition, and the only SEAL ever inducted to the International Spy Museum.

A hands on, practical survival manual by retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson–adapted for civilians from real special forces operations–to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and inhabiting any hazardous situation.In today’s increasingly dangerous world, dangers to your personal safety are everywhere. From acts of terror to mass shootings, and from the unseen (and occasionally virtual) matrix of routine crime, danger is no more restricted to dark alleys or unstable regions. Potentially life-threatening conditions can appear anywhere, anytime, and Clint Emerson–former Navy SEAL–wants you to be well prepared. 100 Deadly Skills contains proven self-defense skills, evasion tactics, and immobilizing maneuvers–modified from the world of black ops–to allow you to take action in numerous”worst case” scenarios from skipping a locked back, to creating an improvised Taser, to tricking facial recognition software. With easy-to-understand instructions and illustrations, Emerson outlines in detail many life-saving strategies and educates you how to think and act as a member of the special forces. This comprehensive course in survival educates you how you can prevent tracking, evade a kidnapping, elude an active shot, rappel down the side of a structure, immobilize a bad guy, shield yourself against cyber-criminals, and much more–all using low-tech to”no-tech” methods. Clear, detailed, and introduced in an easy-to-understand and implement format, 100 Deadly Skills is an invaluable source. Because let’s face it, when risk is imminent, you do not have time for complicated instructions.