E-Gifts Don’t Have To Be Effortlessly Elegant

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What exactly is an “Effortless White Elephant Gift“? It’s a gift that never ends up being an effortless gift. Effortless means free and simple, of course. “Effortless” is the keyword, because an e-gift doesn’t require any effort or work to be successful.

Any effort and thought must be put into an e-gift in order to make it an “effortless” gift. An effort to “e-gift” is an effort to make it an effortless gift. It requires you to really think about how to use the product, what to say, how to deliver the gift and all those little things that really turn e-gifts into what they should be or even better, what they could be: Effortless gifts.

So, if you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t require a great deal of thought and effort to make, don’t even look for one. If you want to give an e-gift that will be an effortless gift, then look no further than jewelry.

You’ve probably seen this little gem before, maybe in a magazine, or online, but haven’t tried it yet. Try trying an e-gift like this; a gift that you don’t have to think about giving. It’s so simple that it’s almost impossible to do, and yet it’s so effective, if you know how to use it correctly, it’s amazing!

Take for example the Pure Love Necklace (TM). This necklace has a small white peacock feather stuck in the middle of the necklace. If you thought it was beautiful when you first saw it, try wearing it; you’ll be amazed!

The silver clasp is subtle, and the pendant itself is elegant and feminine. Imagine wearing it with a sleek black dress that you wore out last night…the compliments would be endless.

I’ve worn this necklace before, and I had the experience of being “instant celebrity” from the moment I pulled it off. I thought to myself that “Oh my god, this would be such a cool gift…that’s so effortless!”

That tiny little pendant really adds a bit of sparkle and flash to any outfit and makes it pop; I love the fact that the peacock’s neck is open like that. Whenever I wear it, people just ask me how I got the necklace, and what kind of person I am.

That necklace isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s also an “effortless” gift because it’s more than just a pretty ornament. It’s a handcrafted gift that you “gift-wrapped” and that you put some thought into, right? I can almost guarantee that if you go to your nearest jewelry store and find yourself a simple pendant necklace, you’ll be impressed and think “Wow! Someone really went out of their way to make this cool gift!”

Maybe you’ve been offered an e-gift that will require some effort or thought to make; this necklace is a perfect example of a completely effortless product. Why wouldn’t you go for it?

All you have to do is head over to your favorite jewelry store and try on a few different pendants. For whatever occasion you’re trying to use it for, you’ll probably want to wear it yourself first. When you first try it on, you’ll be surprised how comfortable you’ll be, and how well it fits into your personality and sense of style.

In any case, this necklace is perfect for your “favorite style” of jewelry, and you can wear it no matter what you’re wearing. Why would you give a “effortless” gift if you can give one that’s made to give you the effort and thought and you to delight and surprise!