The 10 Cool Tech Gadgets Everybody Should Have [Part 1]

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Technology is quickly evolving, and innovations are coming up every day. While it may be challenging to keep up, you can bag some of the coolest tech gadgets on the wave.

1. Atech 7-in-1 tech Tool Pen

This pen functions as a pen, stylus, screwdriver, bottle opener, inch ruler, and a phone stand.

2. Karecel Hand Warmer

Available in different colors, this hand warmer is the perfect gift in this cold season.

3. Rocket Wave Smart Notebook

This notebook is environmental-friendly and can be reused by microwaving it. What a surprise?

4. Lightimetunnel Sleep Headphone Eye Mask

You can sleep and listen to your favorite music with this headphone eye mask. It is such a cool gadget to add to your collection.

5. BoxThink Charging Station

With this cool gadget, you can now charge your apple devices all from one station.

6. Palaroid Mobile Photo Printer

Next time you go on vacation, make use of this wireless, mobile photo printer.

7. Uppel Travel Adapter

With this adapter, you do not have to worry about charging your devices anywhere in the world. It is a must-have gadget for avid travelers.

8. Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your favorite music with this portable Bluetooth speaker. It is small and lightweight to carry around.

9. Shuttermoon Phone Camera Lens Kit

Enhance the quality of your pictures with this phone camera kit.

10. Hiluckey Solar charger

Gone are the days when you would stay offline with power outages. This solar charger doubles up as a power bank, such a cool gadget to have.

November 2020